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3 juin 2007

Hillary 2012?

The Democratic Party has decided: delegates from Michigan will be given half a vote and be split between the two candidates; eventhough Obama withdrew his name from the ballots as the Michigan party had violated DNC rules.

Hillary Clinton had won 55% of the vote, 73 votes out of 128 according to the Christian Science Monitor.

What is at stake here, since Obama is now sure to be the nominee unless a psychopath shoots him dead?

If Obama loses to McCain in November, which I believe will be the case, Hillary will be comforted as the natural choice of the party, pretending she should have been chosen as she was best placed to beat the Republicans.
One may already guess what her political argument for the 2012 primaries will be: I and only I can take back the White House.

After McCain, the Billary show again?

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