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21 mai 2008

We must change America, not the world.

Andrew Bacevich, du Los Angeles Times, publie d'excellents articles sur la politique étrangère américaine. C'est selon moi l'un des meilleurs analystes actuels sur le sujet, ce que cet article démontre encore :

The 'Long War' fallacy
Iraq has shown the limits of U.S. power. We must change America, not the world.
By Andrew J. Bacevich
May 13, 2008

Donald Rumsfeld is today a discredited and widely reviled figure. Robert Gates, Rumsfeld's successor as Defense secretary, is generally admired for manifesting qualities that Rumsfeld lacked -- a willingness to listen not least among them. Yet on one crucial point, the two see eye to eye: Both believe that the United States has no alternative but to wage a global war likely to last decades.

In the wake of 9/11, Rumsfeld wasted no time in telling Americans what to expect. "Forget about 'exit strategies,' " he said on Sept. 28, 2001, "we're looking at a sustained engagement that carries no deadlines." Speaking at West Point last month, Gates echoed his predecessor's assessment: "There are no exit strategies," he announced. Instead, Gates described a "generational campaign" entailing "many years of persistent, engaged combat all around the world."

For the United States, the prospect of permanent war now beckons.
Suite et fin de l'article sur le site du LA Times

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