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6 juin 2007

The next President will have to deal with social issues brought forward by globalization

The Trade Reform, Accountability, Development, and Employment (Trade) Act introduced to Congress with the union support shows that globalization will remain a key issue in the debate and in American politics in 2009.

Training, competitiveness, fair trade and the environment, all questions related to America’s adapation to a changing economy will remain paramount for some time to come. What will be the trade policy of the next US Administration ?

Whether Democratic or Republican, it will have to take seriously the Democratic Congress’s willingness to bend US trade policy towardlabor and environmental clauses. This is a powerful trend that will be exacerbated by the global increase in food products. In short, the new bill is revealing about the salience of social issues the next President will have to deal with.

McCain and Obama knwo about it, as both address green issues in contrast to President Bush.

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